Relaxing With  Light

"HEALING THE CELLS",  guided hypnotherapy session to remind your sub-conscious mind and your immune system to work together to heal and restore every cell in your body.  (Go to Products for all of our Healing Prescriptions)

Healing The Mind/Body - Dr. Patti Gallaway
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Sanctuary By
    The Sea

"SANCTUARY BY THE SEA", a guided meditation  that takes you to a seaside sanctuary where you can "see clearly" what your life goals are and how to achieve peace of mind.  (Go to Products for all of our Healing Prescriptions)

Sanctuary By The Sea - Dr. Patti Gallaway
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Expand The

"JOURNEY INTO THE LIGHT", a guided meditation that takes you on a journey through time and space to The Source where your life's purpose is revealed. If you enjoy this sneak peek, the full meditation is available. (Go to Products)

Journey - Dr. Patti gallaway
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Please enjoy these samples of a hypnotherapy prescription (Healing The Cells), a guided imagery (Sanctuary By The Sea),  and a meditation (Journey Into The Light).  If you would like any of these programs in their entirety, please visit our Product Page .

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