Our Mission

“Messengers of the Spirit”

is a spiritual non-profit (501c3)

founded by Leon and Patti Gallaway. 


     In the beginning, our mission was our dream, to establish a center where like-minded spiritual seekers could begin or continue their journey in a protected, quiet, peaceful environment; where spiritual teachings could be practiced, the same teachings that guided us to our spiritual awakening. 

The Center is a "work in progress".

"Paradise Spiritual Retreat"

     Our desire is to provide an environment and sanctuary affordable to all regardless of their monetary resources, promoting empowerment of people and respect for cultural, religious, ethnic, and lifestyle diversity.

     We realize a need for such communities that allow people to escape the noise and confusion of the “illusory world” and come to Nature where true Reality, Presence, and Peace reside.

     Our foundation focuses its funding on spiritual organizations and individuals whose purpose it is to help provide sanctuaries such as ours to encourage and support spiritual enlightenment based on the teachings of the Mystics.

​    Our mission is changing and evolving but our purpose is clear as we develop and prepare our beautiful acreage in the Piney Woods of East Texas.  We have manifested our dream and are watching it unfold every day.  We invite all to visit Paradise Spiritual Retreat and share our enthusiasm as we continue God’s work.

Be The Peace That You Seek