Paradise Spiritual Retreat

is a

"Dream in Progress"

    To realize the full potential of this Center, we still have much to accomplish including an Event Center which we want to call "The Barn" and a "Chapel in the Woods".  Since we are both retired from our respective careers, it is going to require some "Creative Funding" to manifest these two facilities.

     We are considered a church center; therefore, all donations are tax-deductible. 

    In addition to monetary donations, If you have a special skill you are willing to donate, we are exceedingly grateful for all the physical skills and help we can get.  We could also use materials such as concrete for a foundation for the Event Barn and wood, insulation, plumbing materials, etc. for the construction of the Barn and the Chapel.

     All contributions and donations would entitle you access to the Center and the amenities for any events or gatherings your needs may require.  Since our goal is to make this Center available to all regardless of their financial situation, the only thing we would ask is that you follow our mission and keep your prices reasonable and affordable to all with scholarships available to those who qualify.