About Us

      Leon and Patti Gallaway – we began our journey together nine years ago when we discovered we had a mutual dream – to create a spiritual sanctuary where anyone could come from anywhere, and especially if they had been denied the experience because it was too costly.  We believe everyone should have the opportunity to grow spiritually, to experience meditation and enjoy nature regardless of their financial situation.

     We are now realizing our dream.  We found our “PARADISE” in the beautiful Piney Woods here in East Texas, not far from town, yet far from civilization, where it is possible to “find yourself” and “God” in Nature where it is peaceful and quiet, surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation.  

    We put “God” in parenthesis because the concept of God means something different to each of us.  Meditation is the path to finding your “Personal God” and ultimately leads to the realization that We Are One and the Same.

      As we continue to develop our Retreat, we expect it to look different, feel different, and encompass even more than we ever expected.  So, the pages of this website will certainly change with each addition, improvement, and idea we entertain.  We invite you to check back often, and we invite you to come visit so you can say you witnessed it in all its glorious stages or shared in its development.  We welcome your ideas and suggestions.

Leon Gallaway, M.MSc

Spiritual Counselor


    Leon has been a student of metaphysics for over 30 years.  His business career began in banking.  He later entered the oil production industry and retired from the oil business after 40 years to pursue his interests and studies in metaphysics.


     Leon’s spiritual journey began when he was faced with alcohol addiction and had to address the problem or succumb to its control.  As he began to ask the important questions that come with major life changes, he discovered the deeper meaning of life, first through John Bradshaw’s “Homecoming” where he began to heal his family of origin and inner child issues, then to his spiritual teachers, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Don Miguel Luis, and other influential spiritual leaders.  


    Further studies guided Leon to the Eastern Philosophies and the influence of teachers such as Nisargadatta, Ramana Maharshi, and Adyashanti.  He follows the teachings of the Avadhuta Gita (Dattatreya) and the writings of many others who have taught the wisdom of the ancient religions and philosophies. 

Patricia Gallaway, PhD

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Spiritual Counseling

   Patti Gallaway received her PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy in 1990 from The American Institute of Hypnotherapy in Santa Ana CA.  She began her private practice in Beverly Hills CA where she founded HypnoDynamics, Inc., a private hypnotherapy training school, teaching hypnosis techniques to healthcare professionals and providing training and credentials for hypnotherapy students.  As a teacher and workshop leader, she developed Peak Performance Workshops for students and professionals in the field of sports, healthcare, academics, and business.

     As a student of metaphysics, Patti incorporated spiritual teachings into her clinical practice and workshops.  When she retired from private practice to pursue deeper spiritual truths, Patti continued to study the connection between our thoughts and our perception of life, ultimately concluding that it is our thoughts that attach us to the unreal world.  It is the personal story that we create with our thoughts and perceptions, and come to believe, that causes all our suffering.  Everyone has a story.  The story is an illusion.  The Only Reality is the Present Moment and our Oneness with Source.

Be The Peace That You Seek